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Hello everyone, if you haven't met me already my name is Lucas Brown. I am currently a rising third-year at Northeastern University. I started Hamptons Bonfire Company four years ago in High School as a sustainability-focused senior project. Since then I have organized over 150 bonfires on the East End of Long Island. I have always prioritized keeping our beaches clean and safe before all else. When we began, our service was embraced by East Hampton Town Marine Patrol and East Hampton Village Police. They were able to rest assured that everything was being done correctly. And so, we quickly gained a positive reputation with law enforcement. Unbeknown to me, a similar service which we will call the "red chair company" gained notoriety in Montauk. With significantly more capital, they operated on a much larger scale and added ornate setup services during the day. Adorned with loud, branded clothing and equipment, to this day the "red chair company" endlessly violates local regulations and racks up tickets. All for these tickets to be fought and dismissed by their attorney in court. In response, the Town of East Hampton has begun strict enforcement of previously neglected regulations and will be imposing a new, complete restriction of commercialized beach services in the near future.


Despite keeping our beaches clean and safe for four years, we are being pushed out of the town by this response to an unaffiliated company. While this matter is currently out of our control, we will not give up. Throughout the off-season, we will continue to advocate for our access to town beaches. We hope to return next summer. As for the remainder of this season, we will strictly be setting up on village beaches: Georgica Beach, Main Beach, Egypt Beach, and Two Mile Hollow. Unlike many of our competitors, we value our relationship with the town and will respect these new regulations. Hopefully, this will be our first step towards reaching a resolve and potentially returning to the town for next summer. 

As for all my valued clients. I am incredibly sorry If I was forced to relocate your upcoming reservation. Additionally, if this is our final year, I would like to thank you for your endless support. The past four summers have been an incredible learning experience. I am honored to have worked with you and I hope to see you all again soon in my next venture. 

Lucas Brown

Founder of Hamptons Bonfire Co.

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